100 Years in the SFV



Sheep grazing on a ranch owned by the Weddington family at 4141 Whitsett
Avenue, circa late 1800s. Later, it was a wheat farm, a casaba melon farm,
and eventually a golf course. Undated, but a bit of copyright in the lower
left corner reads "18" so probably late 1890's.

An old time camp outfit near Ventura Boulevard and Valley Circle Boulevard, circa 1900

Calabasas Field of Pumpkins postcard circa 1910

Van Nuys Boulevard, 1913

San Fernando Valley looking north from Topanga Canyon 1920

Girard looking east at the intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Topanga Canyon 1922

Ticket for a sight seeing trip to Girard (Now Woodland Hills)

Topanga Canyon Boulevard circa 1921

Brant Ranch in Girard 1924

Adohr 1935-37

M. Costa gas station at 23513 Ventura Boulevard, circa 1920-1935

Encino Post Office dedication day, circa 1935-1942

1936 letter

Adohr Farms, Woodland Hills, CA aerial view, circa 1940's

In 1941, the community of Girard was renamed Woodland Hills

Application for church construction loan 1948

Starting 1949 's Do you remember this gadget?

Canoga Park, California, circa 1949

Ventura Boulevard facing west from Hidden Hills, circa 1950s. The flat hill in
the center is called "the Mesa." To the west of the Mesa was the Agoure Ranch.
Ventura Boulevard was originally part of El Camino Real, the roadway that
linked the Spanish settlements and missions along the Pacific coast from
Baja California to San Francisco in the 18th and 19th centuries. It now
continues as Calabasas Road (running parallel to the 101 Freeway). A stage
line, run by Flint, Bixby and Butterfield, operated during the 19th century
along it.

Canoga Park High School after a rainstorm, 1950

Home Brochure 1951

Bill DeYoung Chevron gas station, 1953

Empty store front at 21519 Sherman Way in Canoga Park

A. E. Hanson, Developer and Pat Murphy, salesman Hidden Hills circa 1950s

Ventura Boulevard in the 1950s

Harvey's Restaurant menu circa 1955

Reseda Sherman Way 1955

Pierce College Basketball team, 1958

Tampa Victory 1960

Hidden Hills

Encino 1961

DeSoto Avenue 1961

Ventura Boulevard looking east past Topanga 1962

Reseda Sherman Way 1963

Shoup Avenue, 1965

Shoup between Victory and Oxnard 1965

Opening of Ventura Freeway 1967

Pierce College Goats

Pierce College

Rally against school busing in Los Angeles at Reseda High School May 20, 1980

Sears ended the sales of black and white televisions 1990

Earthquake damage, Studio City, Calif. January 1994

Reseda Sherman Way 2009