60 Year Reunion Survey Version 2.0

Dear Classmates and Friends:

Your Reunion Committee members are ready to set the date and select the venue for a 60th reunion.

A remaining vital issue is how many we can expect to attend, because we need to know how large (or small) a venue we need to contract for...

So...there is only one question on this survey. Please answer it even if you were kind enough to respond to our earlier survey...

We understand, of course, that this is not binding. If you can't make it, you won't. If you say no, but decide to come at the last minute, we will accept you unless we have reached our limit.

Please respond as soon as you receive this...it will take just a moment. In amy case, we need your responses not later than April 5, 2022.



Sandy Malek, for the Reunion committee.














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1)   Do you intend to come to the 60th Reunion of the 1962 classes of Taft HS?

Yes No